The Source Magazine says No More "Booty Ads"

The Source, Hip Hop's former most 'infamous magazine,' is taking a stand against the countless "less tasteful" images of women in Hip Hop according to the New York Times.

Like its counterparts, The Source has in the past accepted ads that touted skin -- usually female models in various states of undress, today, The Source is taking a stand.

According to co-publisher L. Londell McMillan, the magazine will no longer take "booty ads" for pornographic films, websites or escort services."I realize the risk that we’re taking," said Mr. McMillan."We don’t want to just glorify the lowest-hanging fruit."

"There’s a lot of people that want hip-hop but don’t want some of the filth that some of the business carries with it."

Hoping to transform the often raunchy image of hip hop itself, McMillan says the decision to eliminate sexually driven ads was not an easy decision or stance to take but it had to be done.

The Source, he said, should be able to appeal to the core hip-hop audience, while also being something "you wouldn't mind your kids seeing".

Ok yea... did Obama have to take office for you guys to understand the effect that mainstream media has on our youth. Give them something positive and you'll get positivity back. Give them booty and all you'll get are diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

I'm just saying. For once let's call a spade a spade. Kudos to The Source for stepping up and taking "a stand".


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