Obama Girls Given a Inaugural Night Surprise

President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle weren't the only ones who got entertained by A-listers on inauguration night Tuesday. Their daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, received a surprise visit by the Jonas Brothers.

ABC News is reporting that the Obama girls kicked off inauguration night by watching High School Musical 3 and Bolt with some of their friends from their new school Sidwell Friends.

They then had a scavenger hunt around their new home to learn its history. (White House ushers had organized a similar hunt for Chelsea Clinton when she first moved into the White House in 1993.)

At the end of their hunt, according to ABC News, Malia and Sasha opened a door to find Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas (who had performed their hit "Burning Up" for the girls Monday night at the Kids' Inaugural Concert).

That is the cutest thing ever! If only my dad was the President he could surprise me with Tyrese.. I'd be eternally grateful. lol

[source][photo: wireimage/getty]

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