Up Close and Personal -- More Obama Video

Check out the below video shot by John Legend’s team at the end of the Inaugural Concert last week. The best thing about this amateur video is that not only we get to see celebrities up close and acting like themselves, we actually get to see celebrities like Beyonce, Queen Latifah, John Legend and a LOT of other huge stars getting, well… starstruck as they meet President Obama.

At 7:00, when Michelle Obama busts the President and asks him if he told Beyonce about his doing the Single Ladies dance. !?! President Obama says “But I’m not like Justin (Timberlake). I didn’t put on the outfit.”


Amazing Video on Stage of the Obama Inaugural Celebration
by JayZ15

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Angel said...

I LOVE how real and down-to-Earth the Obamas are!! They are SO wonderful! I'm waiting for God to send me my Barack......


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