Inauguration 2009: Neighborhood Ball

[photo:Damon Winter/The New York Times/AP]

We've all been waiting in anticpation for Michelle Obama's Inaugural Ball Dress. Well here it is! The dress is white, with one large sash over her right shoulder. Jason Wu is the designer. “How good lookin’ is my wife?” the new president asks the crowd at the Neighborhood ball, their first of the evening. He wore a black tuxedo with white bow tie and flag pin.

Introduced by actor Denzel Washington, President Obama arrived at the Neighborhood Ball, the first of 10 tonight, but which he said best captured the spirit of his campaign. "We got the idea for the neighborhood ball because we are neighborhood people," Obama said. Organizers invited "everyday Americans" and not the high-rollers who financed much of the inaugural festivities.

Whispering to each other and slowly twirling, the Obamas took their first dance to Beyonce's stylings on "At Last," the classic Etta James love song.

When they finished, the crowd chanted "Obama, Obama."

Aww...they are so cute!

Here is Mariah Carey singin at the Neighborhood Ball


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