DAY 26 stopped by to promote their debut album on 106. They performed the second single from the album 'Since You Been Gone'

Check the vid...


I know ya'll remember Cherish, the sister singing quads who brought us that track that nobody could stop singing a few summers ago, "Do it".....

Well, they're back with a new single 'Amnesia'. Their yet sophomore effort, 'The Truth' has been pushed back to May 13th although originally set to drop on April 29th.

Amnesia is a mid and definitely unlike their usual club bangin' tracks that seem to have made somewhat of a name for them, well... at least here in the dirty south. All I can really say about is that if they are looking to make an impact on the charts...they better come harder than this.

Check the audio and tell me

Are we Tastin' it or Tossin' it???.....


It is rumored 'round the way via Sheneneh and 'nem that AKON wishes to be the first successful black artist to switch genre's and... go country. I bet next, he'll think his tractor's sexy ( hey, I got some knowledge on the country, what can I say?).

He will release this secretly recorded album under an alias, fearing that his fans wont buy the record if his name is on it (smart move.. I know I wouldn't buy that foolishness)

I am soo eager to know if these rumors are true because not only will it be totally hilarious in my book to see how he sounds trying to be a country singer but I mean... it is Akon were talking about here....Come on bruh, stop the foolishness Akon!

Excuse me while I go saddle up my low rida and lean my cowboy hat to the side in contemplation of this....

Talk to me...What ya'll think about Akon goin country?


DANITY KANE celebrated the success of their sophomore album, 'Welcome to the Dollhouse' this weekend at The Opera in Hollywood.

Other celebs on hand for the festivities,
Jenna Jameson, Christina Milian, Brody Jenner, Tito Ortiz, Chargers football player Luis Castillo and plenty of other folks.

The girlies are more than overjowed over the success of the album and sat down with Hollyscoop saying
It’s surreal I mean we just found out that we’re the first girl group in history to have a debut album number one and a sophomore album number one so we’re just so happy,” said Dawn Richards.

If you love you some DK, they will be on tour and according to Shannon Bex you can expect, “A great show, honestly like we love to perform all of us are such performers and dancers so you can expect a great, great show!”


If you haven't heard, the flick 'Cadillac Records', which chronicles the rise of legendary label Chess Records, is currently in production in Tinsel Town and filming in New Jersey-- has currently added new cast member... none other than rapper/actor MOS DEF.

This picture is laced with the big names including Beyonce as Etta James (which I wont even comment on since I am sooooo over the Beyawn yawn Hollywood hype-up), Gabrielle Union as Geneva Wade, Columbus Short as Little Walter, Cedric the Entertainer as Willie Dixon... and just added to the line up -- MOS DEF as Chuck Berry.

We've seen Mos Def recently in 'Be Kind Rewind' and personally, I'm excited to see him on the big screen again.

Big ups to ya Def..,


SHAQ celebrated his birthday over the weekend at Body Nightclub in New York City.

Check the pics of the party....

His date for the evening, Jerzee Monet ( she had that song out a while back, "Most High")

[photos alltheparties/whatspoppin]


LIL MAMA did an exclusive interview with RapUp where she addresses how she coped with the recent passing of her mother, dancing with Chris Brown, judging others on MTV’s hit show “America’s Best Dance Crew,” and her thoughts on labelmate Britney Spears.

"Lil" may be in her name but definitely not a word to describe your mentality...

Check the transcript here.... Lil Mama: A Promising Tomorrow


Seems Mariah feels the need to grace us with yet another remix to Touch My Body. Wouldn't it just be easier for her to just release a new single rather ran to put out a million and five remixes of the same song?? -- I'm just saying.

I think I'm so over this song but, I shall still provide you with yet another remix from MC provided by DJ Clue. This remix features Cam’ron. The remix samples Tupac’s “Ambitionz Az a Ridah.”

Check the audio



BEYONCE has confirmed that 'Beautiful Nightmare' will be on the new album by way of Myspace bulletin coming direct from Beweavable's personal page.

'Beautiful Nightmare' sports a new sound for B - falling more into the pop sound that is turning out hip hop and uptempo R&B (which pisses me off. In this instance, I'm not a fan of innovation, more like a firm believer of if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Yep, uh huh.. but, I digress.) The song is incredibly catchy. I found myself singing the hook after it had been on for a minute or so.

Dang it, Beyawn yawn's infected me!!! Next thing I know, I'll be wearing those Dereon Dashiki's. Somebody pray for me....

If you havent heard the song, check the vid B sent out to her Myspace peeps featuring a video compilation and the new track...



GARY COLEMAN and his 22 yr old wife Shannon Price discuss their romance, marriage, groupies kids and other worthless banter on Tyra.

Check the vid...


Here's the new video for Trina's I Got A Thang For Ya featuring Key Key.

Key Lo Lo is looking lovely in this video I must say, even though I'm not a fan of the new black hair... she's wearing it here!!! Now, what Trina is doing.... chile I don't know. Those tracks looks like she dug them up from the Dereon wig crypt.... ahem -- I'm just saying

Anyways, Check the vid...


The CW11 featured a spot on the Pastry line, the sneakers designed by the Simmons sisters Vanessa & Angela.

Check the spot below...

(it features sneak peeks of the new pastry flavors and handbags)


So, it seems the same day Ms. Koala Lee Simmons filed for divorce from her hubs Russell Simmons, he stepped out the town with his new tasty Porschla Coleman in NYC.

Supervised visits my @$$.... take that!!!
Russell's bout to UPGRADE YA!!!

Russ is a daddy mac from way back, man I'm telling ya'll. Porschla is only in her twenty's and he's 50, not to mention he bagged Koala Bear in her teens. That's some diamond in the back, diggin' the scene with the gansta lean playin' right there!!!

His new chick is in the next issue of KING Magazine showin' some Yoga moves and her fierce beaut. Check the scans...

Russ' comments on the divorce papers: “Although I haven’t read the papers, I’m excited for closure on this issue. I love her to def and I will always wish her happiness and success.”


KEYSHIA COLE is on her grind.. okay!!!

Key Key will be performing live at the Miss Jamaica Universe Coronation show, come April 12, at the National Indoor Sports Arena. Just this week, pageant producers confirmed that the starlet would indeed be in the island to perform some of her chart-topping hits.

As quiet as its kept, Keyshia is still enjoying the success off of her third single I Remember.” The song remains #1 on the Billboard R&B Chart and is her longest running #1 hit to date. I Remember has held the #1 position for a consecutive 7 weeks.

And perusing the net I came across a pic of her and her new nephew, Neffe's baby boy. Check that out...

This chick is makin it happen indeed. Two snaps and a Harlem shake to Ms. Key Lo Lo!!!


Reports are all over the net this week of Tyra leaving her hit CW series America's Next Top Model due to cat fighting with Mr. Jay, but a Tyra rep says absolutely not. The rep tells UsMagazine.com, "The rumors about Tyra leaving and the fight with Jay are NOT TRUE!"

Well, there you have it... for now. Tyra's still fierce and in charge over there at the CW and looks like she will be at least for 2 more seasons...

My only request... ditch the bangs and bring back the red hair Ms. Tyra!!!


DANITY KANE & DAY 26 were interviewed on the Tyra Show earlier this week. Check the vid of the interview and the performances below...

The interview...

The performances: "Damaged" - DK

"Got me Going" - Day 26


50 CENT has go a new video game coming out, 'Blood on the Sand', a tag team with Sierra Entertainment and Vivendi Games. The spot is supposed to be a mix of the flick 'Blood Diamond' laced with "music you won't want to turn off". The game is supposedly inspired by his son, Tony Yayo and actor Leo DiCaprio.

Uhh, why or how for that matter a child would inspire a game about guns and shooting folks, I have yet to understand. Sometimes I think 50 needs his head examined. First he's got a strip club in the house and now this...

Lord help us all....

Check the stills from the game...



PARTY OVER HERE!!! Fergie and Quentin celebrated a birthday at Jet Nightclub at the Mirage.

Check the stills....

Loves the cake Ferg!!!


RIHANNA is doing a 3 city benefit tour for underprivileged children that will make stops in Chicago, New York City & San Francisco. The tour is hosted by Rih's own charity, The Believe Foundation, and her label Island Def Jam.

Motivation for such a tour: “When I was young and I would watch television and I would see all the children suffering, I always said when I grow up I want to help,” the Umbrella star said by way of explaining why she started The Believe Foundation.

“Not long after I was in the position where I could help. I started to visit all these children’s hospitals and I have a soft spot for kids. I just want to help and make sure they are happy. They can come to a Rihanna concert or have toys or gifts at Christmas.”

Check the stills from her stop @ Vision Nightclub in Chicago last night...


NE-YO pays homage to the Rat Pack in his new album "Year of the Gentlemen" due out June 24. Ne-yo told Billboard.com,

"Years ago, if you weren't wearing the right suit or have a correct crease in your pants, you couldn't even get in the door --let alone on stage to perform," he says. "For me, the sharpness of Sammy and Sinatra is the kind of style I strive for in clothes and music. 'Year of the Gentleman' is named in honor of those guys."

Stuff on the album... "Closer", "So You Can Cry" a guitar track about a breakup, and "Stop this World"

Haven't heard the new single "Closer"... hear the audio


MARIAH's second commercial for Macy's can be seen below and features Donald Trump, Martha Stewart and Gabriel Aubrey (Halle's baby father)

Check the vid...



Glitter Graphics - http://www.sparklee.com

This should be a tasty little tour folks. Ne-yo will open for Alicia Keys according to Def Jam. Check the dates... I'm sure they're coming to a city near you.



The Grammy nominated CHRISETTE MICHELE performed yesterday at the Borders in NYC. I love me some Chrisette. Her sound is sound gritty and raw, yet sensual and jazzy. I love it...

Here she sings "Best of Me" live..

Check the vid...

She also sings "Like a Dream"


So MARY J has bought a $12 million dollar 8 bedrooms, 8 bathroom, 18,250 square feet pad in Saddle River, N.J.

Ok so, is this next door, down the block, around the way from Kimora & Run and 'nem or what??

Anyway, moving on --What else comes in this small palace you ask, well, it comes full equipped with
a 14-seat movie theater, a hardwood basketball court, a wine tasting room, an in-ground pool, an elevator, a gourmet kitchen, a gym and a six-car garage.

Check it out....


US Magazine and DOVE have teamed up to ask "20 questions to 20-somethings". First up on the list... Ms. Alicia Keys. Here are the first 10 questions from the list...

1. When do you feel the most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I’m not all glammed up, when I’m in my most natural state. Don’t get me wrong, I love having my hair and makeup done and wearing beautiful clothes, but I think it’s important for you to be able to appreciate yourself without all of the extras, how God made you.

2. What is your beauty routine?

I have a pretty in depth routine. Cleanser, toner, moisturizers — the works. I wear makeup often so I like to make sure my face is completely clean!

3.What is your definition of beauty?

My definition of beauty is the sort that emanates from within. It’s about the confidence, kindness and compassion that one possesses. That’s the kind of beauty that doesn’t fade.

4. Who is number one on your speed dial?

My mother. She’s my best friend.

5. How do you balance your career with personal relationships?

To me, balance is the key to happiness. I find balance by making time for my career and my loved ones and making both priorities. I make sure to allot time for family and friends as well as time for myself and I adhere to that. Even though I’m doing what I love most, it’s still my job, and everyone needs time away. I have also learned that it is very important to take that time away because it makes you better once you return. I'm more relaxed and rejuvenated and that makes me more creative. Also if I've had fun and that frees my spirit! Every moment is precious. I try not to be too much of a workaholic so I can love life and appreciate every moment as well!

6. Who inspires you the most?

My mother because she is so strong and helped mold me into the person I am. And my generation. There are endless possibilities for us and for our future. I see so much promise and potential in so many eyes and it motivates me!

7. Where does love and finding “the one” fall into your current priorities?

I don’t think you can set a timeline for falling in love. There’s a reason and a season for everything and love comes to you when it’s supposed to.

8. What are some dating challenges that come from being under the spotlight?

Dating can be difficult when you’re a public figure because it’s challenging enough to maintain a relationship under ordinary circumstances, but when you’re in the public eye, it can be that much more difficult. There is a bit more scrutiny and I'm such a private person, I don't like people in my business. At the same time, I'm such a free spirit. I love to be spontaneous and crazy with who I love, so it's a tough balance sometimes. Another challenge is time. There’s not much of it, but I think that it makes the both of you become more creative and really see what your love is made of.

9. Do you feel any pressures of dating/relationships?

I feel that if you’re with the right person, there shouldn’t be a lot of pressure. It’s the same with your career. If you’re doing what’s right for you, things just seem to flow.

10. If you weren’t an actress and singer what would you be?

I’d be an artist of some sort. The arts are what I’ve been drawn to ever since I can remember. If not that, then a teacher. I love being with kids and being in their life in an inspiring way.

Want the rest of the questions.... Peep them HERE

Also, Ms. A.K posted a video blog post from OSLO... and check that HERE


Rapper TI is expected to plead guilty to federal weapons charges today. His sentence, according to the AP, is expected to be 1,500 hours of community service talking to youth groups around the country, followed by about 12 months in prison.

Sentencing could be increased or reduced depending on the terms of the deal and good behavior.

The increase of celebs facing prison time is incredible. Especially after rapper Remy Ma was found guilty today of four major charges—two counts of first-degree assault, attempted coercion, and criminal possession of a weapon, of which she could face up to 25 years in prison.

I don't know what to say about any of that.... any thoughts??


CAPTION IT: "No, Russel, NO.... I will NOT take you back honey,"

Ok so, is it just me or were they already getting a divorce? I'm just saying... moving on --

Seems it was just me since KIMORA has officially filed for divorce from her husband of seven years Russell Simmons. People magazine reports that Kimora filed the papers in the LA County Superior Court this week. Thier official split was annonced in 2006 when Simmons stated that "Kimora and I will remain committed parents and caring friends with great love and admiration for each other."

But now, the tables have turned. Kimora layed the groundwork for the divorce by citing irreconcilable differences and asking for legal and physical custody of thier 2 children Ming Lee & Aoki Lee. She says their father should get "reasonable child visitation … to be accompanied at all times by the children's nanny and security personnel."

Kimora is presently dating Dijimon Hounsou and it must be getting serious hence the recent need to make the Russell thing official. But, whats up with the supervised visits???


Shall I call it a comeback?? Nina Sky has got a new one 'Secrets' produced by Ryan Leslie ( who's made joints for Cheri Dennis and Cassie). The song features a mellow groove which is annoyingly hypnotic. I don't know if I'm ready for this kind of sound from them.. years later I'm still stuck on 'Move ya Body'.

Take a listen HERE

Now tell me... shall we taste it or toss it???


So, you may have heard the hype about Tyra not wanting to continue with ANTM. If you didnt, here's the skinny: T and Jay Manuel, her photo shoot coordinator, have been gettin down behind the scenes... scratchin it out cat style, to the point where they arent even talking. She doesnt even want to interact with the contestants or show up until elimination.

The CW is due to run 2 more cycles after this one but without Ms. Tyra, who could be fierce enough to take the reins of all that is ANTM with as much ferociousness as she?

Well, Take a look at some possible replacements for Tyra HERE per NY Mag.


Heres a video I found that is worthy of posting. Here Chris Brown and Lupe Fiasco freestyle after a show. Clearly, Chris' rhymes is WACK but... he could always sing the hook :)

Check the vid


KEYSHIA brings us the new vid for her single "Sent From Heaven" and I'm not feeling the video. It looks just like Shouldve let you go. I dunno....

Check the vid...

And for sake of comparison I'm including the vid for Shouldve let you go also

I love me some K.C like the next chick, but I'm ready for something else from her. Somebody please get her another story boarder....



It's rumored that Solange's son Daniel will be the next member of the Knowles clan to be in showbiz. Little Daniel will be premiering in a few episodes of Nickelodeon's Yo Gabba Gabba! An insider also reports that "if everything works out, we'd like to create a show around him."

Next thing we know, he'll be having his own little music video with mom in it as an extra....


Here's the latest video for LYFE's newest single "Never Never Land". Personally, I love this song....

So yea, check the vid


MAC launched their new collection at Kiss & Fly in New York. Photoed above Julissa Bermudez, Teyana Taylor & Nina Skyy were on hand for the party.

Teyana performed her single 'Google Me'....

The Simmons Sisters, Vanessa & Angela, were on hand too ( i love these chicks -- fab indeed)

Caridee from ANTM

And plenty others. Looks like a fun time had by all...
[photos by WireImage]


Another track from SOLANGE has surfaced which will be included on her album 'Soul Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams' due out in August. The track 'God Given Name' sports a tremendously different sound. The laid-back jazzy track includes hard hitting lyrics "get me out of this box, I feel so claustrophobic.. I'm no little sister - I'm just my God given name", that Im sure are very personal for BeYawnce's little sis. Obviously, she's ready to be taken out of the "little sister" spotlight so she can try and shine on her own, although, I'm not sure if this is the way to do it. This neo-soul/jazz/I don't know what sound she's trying is kind of questionable.... and not in the good way.

Check the track HERE for yourself

What do you think? Taste it or Toss it...


CASSIE has got a new one out 'Thirsty' which will be included on her upcoming album which according to Billboard January reports, we can expect that to hit shelves this summer . Okay, seriously -- this chick should stick to modeling. I'm not sure how she even managed a record deal, she doesnt seem like anything close to a vocalist. Although she says herself that, "you can hear my vocals better this time around. There's real emotion and a much realer connection with my fans." Hmm... no connection made and still, not a fan. Looks like she's not going anywhere though since she's definitely a Bad Boy cash cow right now.

But hey, what can I say, thank God for studio enhancements and fashion branding.

Check the track HERE

Taste it or toss it...


JANET has come out with another official remix for 'Feedback'. The mix features versus from her miniature sidekick J.D, Ciara also makes an appearance as well as Busta Rhymes and Fabolous.

I love this song and equally, the remix is hot. The single has been out for a minute now but still manages to stay in the car CD rotation. Two snaps and pat for Ms. Janet if your Nasty!!

Check the remix HERE

Taste it or Toss it....



Alright, so yea the J.Lo twins have been in the spotlight but, shame on the world for ignoring Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon (you should remember her from The Jamie Foxx Show) and her husband who also recently had twins this past October. The boys, Jax Joseph & Jaid Thomas grace the cover of next week's JET Magazine with their mother.

She's got some adorably light little boys on her hands thats for sure.. taking 100% after their Papa. In the spot, she speaks on motherhood, getting back in pre-baby shape, staying sexy and how her husband feels about sharing her sexiness with the world.

Nothing like being a mom and lookin fabulous while doing it!
School us Garcelle...!!!


In a recent interview with Ebony Magazine Janet says :
"I'm not ready to retire. I enjoy what I do and I don't think it is time for me to kick back on an island and do nothing all day.
She continued, "I don't want to do that just yet. I don't know if I'll ever be ready to do that. I love music."

If Janet continues with the mediocre album sales like what happened with her newest Discipline, she wont have to worry about retiring. The world may just get tired of her and her and J.D will have to fall back into the abyss of Tiny Town.

Hopefully, she wont join the ranks of her other broke siblings.


Seems Kelly Rowland wants to make her debut on Broadway in either the productions of 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' or 'The Color Purple'. Producers for both shows are equally interested in the ex Destiny's Childress being a part of the productions. I don't know how I feel about that... anyone ever seen her act before? Well, they better give her more singing parts just to be sure.

In related randomness, it is rumored that Kel is going to grace her new boob job on the pages of Playboy real soon. Looks like Kel hasnt gotten the okay from manager, Papa Knowles, in doing the spread but sources report that Playboy is offering between $500,000 and $1 million for Kelly to pose nude.

Papa Knowles better stop playing.... like he don't have a subscription hidden under the usual toilet room reading. I'm just saying --


If you missed the first episode "Dating by Committee" of Alicia Keys starring in 'Fresh Takes' sponsored by Dove... no fear.

You can watch it HERE

Hey, that rhymes... ok, moving on --

You know, initially I had my reservations about Leash starring in this BUT... this role is a good one for her. And how much more appropriate tis it to have it airing with the Hills.

Also.. peep some stills from the spot --

[photos by aliciakeysdaily]


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